About Us

NMIL envision a future where all young people are equipped with the mindset, skillset and knowledge to become successful entrepreneurs or intrapreneurs.

In addition to, being providers of practical and measurable gateway solutions (chapters, clubs, cultural/community engagements, financial guidance) engaging all young people through communication, collaboration & teamwork, emotional intelligence, writing, leadership, grit and determination, assessments, training, inclusivity, relationship building and partnership in a trustworthy, honesty, caring, fun-filled and professional way.


NMIL aims to ignite, equip and support young people to find and engage their creative mindset, innovative strengths and unrealized abilities through assessments, one-to-one relationship with caring and professional support by 2025.


NMIL will provide a 5 step needs based assessments, mentor-ship, coaching and consultancy programmes to Grade 9,10, 11, 12 and 13 high schoolers, college students, university learners and potential career seekers with the support of their parents, teachers and educational councillors.

Value Statements

Stewardship from a position of responsibility, accountability and transparency for all our stakeholders resources.
Commitment to be multidimensional, responsive and positive in all communities.
Pursuit of excellence, impact and measurable KPI's in every project or programme.

Benefits Of Joining NeurMinds

Our Core Values

Our products/services will offer clarity to the challenges of choosing a career roadmaps/pathway that aligns to our clients giftstalents, personality, and strengths.

  • 1 Reliability
  • 2 Collaboration
  • 3 Caring
  • 4 Integrity
  • 5 Compassion
  • 6 Consiousness
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