How It Works

NMIL comprehensive five (5) step process will help us provide our clients with the most efficient and competent tools and services to jumpstart their existing and potential business or career goals and objectives.

Self Awareness Assessment

Our clients will have access to our assessment worksheets that will measure their individual tendencies, interest, self-motivation and mindset.

Business/ Career Goals & Objectives Assessment

Our clients will access our in debt assessment worksheets that will analyze their preferences, tastes, style, skills, personal patterns, passions, needs, and desires.

Business/ Career SWOT Analysis Assessment

Our clients will access our SWOT Analysis worksheet that will explore their strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities with a focus on the school-based curriculum, college offerings and career options in the high school system, tertiary and vocational training institutions.

Business/Career Selection and Readiness Assessment(Final Step)

Our clients will choose a business or career from our list of business/career ideas in Order of Interest, Rate it (according to areas or categories provided), then use the Process of Elimination to determine their potential or existing career pathways or business to pursue based on the strengths and opportunities of the first three steps.

Business and Career Mentorship, Coaching and/or Consultancy

Our clients will be placed in cohorts/groups based on assessment results and mentored and coached or refer to a consultancy based on parental support, financial status, background work, business transaction, career acumen, first steps, and business startup cost.

Benefits of the Assessment Test(s)

  • 1 Our clients will receive invaluable insights about their strengths, preferences, values, drives, and areas for development.
  • 2 Our clients will receive better informed to make better decisions regarding their lifelong career goals, that aligns with their personality, based on their mission, potential business and career selection and readiness before they invest their time, energy and money. The test results will help them remove poor selections and business or career pathways, freeing them up to pursue effective and efficient roadways to fulfilling invaluable purpose or mission before the age of 40.
  • 3 Our clients will receive evidence of your their internal and external strengths and potential opportunities via our credible and validated studies and reports. The results is intended to identify which elements of your (replaced with their ) personality will best perform in appropriate career roles. The profile test results is intended to help recruiters to determine their suitability for hire and our purse their business ideas or aspirations in their areas of your Key Performance Indicator (KPI) highlighted in any industry explored or of their choice.
  • 4 Our clients should become more self-aware, knowledgeable. and interested in their own personal development, engaging their gifts, skills with a purpose. Positively, leading to more self-actualized and proactive business and career decision making progress that would lead to a successful pathway.
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