NEURMINDS will provide our clients with a variety of pricing options monthly or annually that best suits their needs.

Select A Subscription Plan

Limited/Unlimited Access To Neurminds Assessments


Regular Plan

$ 4.99
  • Subscription (Online & Local Members)
90 Day Money Back Guarantee

Premium Plan

$ 9.99
  • Subscription (Online & Local Members)
  • Full & Limited access
90 Day Money Back Guarantee

Benefits Of Joining NeurMinds

Our products/services will offer clarity to the challenges of choosing a career roadmap/pathway that aligns to our clients talents, personality, and strengths.

NMIL will help our clients fill the gap between choosing a fulfilling career and becoming an entrepreneur that suits their personality and traits based on their profile.

NMIL will help our clients to determine their existing and potential career and business readiness, building capacity from their underutilized knowledge in an industry of their choice and establish a suitable business profile.

Our Clients will gain meaningful insights from our assessments, evaluations, solution products for their future self.

Our Clients can create their own experiences without waiting to gain them from job opportunities and inaccessible employment.

Our Clients will have access to measurable and systematic tools on our one-stop platform with 24hours results to make informed decisions.

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