Based on the outcome of How Our Solutions Work- Steps 4 and 5, the next step will be guidance and direction from the results to implementation through control and monitoring and further reviews and engagement.

Assessment Report

Our clients will receive a soft copy of your Assessment Report via Email which should have:

  • Your Name or Sponsors Name
  • Assessment Summary
  • Assessment Scores by Categories indicating (i) strengths and suggested opportunities in a Chart Form (ii) recommendations based on categories
  • Next steps based on (i) Recommendations (ii) Scores (iii) Analysis (iv) Solution Resources/References
  • Action Steps
    • Our clients will also receive an invitation to apply for mentorship, coaching and /or consultancy based on their scores from a needs based perspective considered from the assessment results report.


Our Assessment Test Results with help us to tailor our services such as coaching, consultancy and/or business plan development to ensure they are positioned for success.

Mentorship/Coaching Training

Our partnering organisations, like-minded individuals will mentor and using our assigned volunteers to train our clients based on our final assessment results report.

Business Plan Development

Please click the link below to access our Business Plan Development.


This service will be provided based on our assessment results reports (or external requests) through our hourly paid partners. These partners will be curated by online appointment request or offline through personalized office visits or call in.

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